Plus49 (2003 - 2014)

The Cologne-based band plus49, founded in 2003, established itself as a distinctive force in the music scene over an intense decade. Active from 2003 to 2013, their ten-year history was marked by an unrelenting pursuit of creative experimentation and musical innovation. Despite their shorter tenure compared to other bands, they left an indelible mark.

The band consistently opted against confining itself to a specific genre or fixed style. Instead of being pigeonholed, plus49 stood for motion and constant change. In the ten years of their existence, they explored unconventional musical pathways and produced an impressive array of albums, singles, and soundtracks.

Their musical range was not confined to studio recordings alone. They also composed music for various external projects, including the announcement signal for Cologne/Bonn Airport, sound designs for corporations like Vodafone, and contributions to art exhibitions and television productions.

Even though they were faced with the challenges of a shifting music industry, the band consistently found innovative ways to stay financially afloat. They utilized crowdfunding to finance particular projects and collaborated with large businesses to realize their musical vision and fund their endeavors.

Despite their commitment and innovation, 2014 marked the end for plus49, as the band officially dissolved. Nonetheless, their influence lingers. Their music and approach, prioritizing art and creativity over commercial success, remains memorable and serves as inspiration for subsequent generations of musicians.

Overall, the story of plus49 stands for creativity, versatility, and integrity. Despite their relatively short run, they crafted a legacy that underscores their devotion to music and their determination to pursue their artistic vision without compromise.

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